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posted by The Traveller on Saturday, May 01, 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, but I've been working on several additions to the site that I hope will be useful.

Investor Presentation Database

A comprehensive list of investor presentation slides that are available online for Chinese small cap companies. I tried to add HTML versions where possible, but most companies only offer PDF or Powerpoint slides which you have to download from the respective links.

Analyst Coverage

Whenever I can verify new analyst notes about those Chinese stocks covered by this site I will add the rough data to this database: action (Initiation, Upgrade, Downgrade, Reiteration), rating and price targets. It takes a while to populate the database with data of the past six months, it is about 60% done at the moment.

Business Outlook Database

A database of official company statements published in SEC filings or press releases. I will add new statements about revenue or earnings guidance, relevant business developments and official expectations and targets to this database when they occur. It does not cover other potentially price-moving announcements as secondary offerings, stock splits or debt restructuring.

Updated Score Cards

The individual score cards within the China Tracker now show a summary of all this information for every stock we cover. Next to the fundamental data you will now see our projected forward earnings, business outlook statements, analyst ratings and links to available investor presentations. These score cards are designed to be a one-stop destination to get a quick overview of the company you are researching. For more in-depth analysis you will still have to read all of the company's filings with the SEC.

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