Excessive Shareholder Dilution
posted by The Traveller on Sunday, June 06, 2010

The following is a screen of Chinese reverse merger stocks, listed on senior U.S. exchanges, and their year-to-date performance, where shareholders had to face massive dilution over the past two years. The first number shows the percentage of new shares issued over the past twelve months (MRQ data, fully diluted shares). The second number shows the dilution since December 31, 2008. And in the third column you can see the performance of the stock between January 1 and June 3, 2011.

TickerCompany12 M30 MP YTDComment
SBAYSubaye79.22%479.55%-78.42%Trading Halted
YONGYongye International10.46%181.37%-40.96%Hit Piece (Absaroka)
SCEISino Clean Energy116.14%166.01%-71.41%Hit Piece (Alfred Little)
NEWNNew Energy Systems15.33%134.68%-51.62%Problems (GeoInvesting)
CNAMChina Armco Metals54.17%111.60%-56.71%
CSRChina Security & Surveillance31.23%98.13%-12.95%
DEERDeer Consumer Products-0.52%97.77%-40.29%Hit Piece (Alfred Little)
PUDAPuda Coal92.54%97.14%-57.90%Trading Halted
SKBISkystar Bio-Pharmaceutical0.55%96.73%-58.48%
TPITianyin Pharmaceutical0.28%94.53%-36.77%
FEEDAgfeed Industries28.25%82.84%-61.98%
CJJDChina Jo-Jo Drugstores35.19%71.13%-48.73%
ONPOrient Paper23.21%70.38%-43.56%Hit Piece (Muddy Waters)
GPRCGuanwei Recycling50.95%66.67%-46.79%
ABATAdvanced Battery Technology21.23%61.17%-62.08%Hit Piece (Kerrisdale)
SCOKSinoCoking Coal36.57%60.75%-52.39%Hit Piece (Citron Research)
UTAUniversal Travel Group31.91%58.50%-35.30%Trading Halted
NEPChina North East Petroleum0.17%57.38%-42.02%
GSIGeneral Steel Holdings6.64%55.68%-40.07%
CVVTChina Valves Technology3.40%55.21%-68.80%Hit Piece (Citron Research)
CNETChinaNet Online40.95%51.52%-58.50%
KGJIKingold Jewelry49.55%50.45%-61.28%
CDIIChina Direct Industries21.53%50.31%-29.81%
SPUSkyPeople Fruit Juice29.19%49.05%-52.48%Hit Piece (Absaroka)
HRBNHarbin Electric0.03%47.09%-17.30%Hit Piece (Citron Research)
CHNGChina Natural Gas27.33%46.34%-41.93%
CGAChina Green Agriculture9.91%46.05%-46.00%Hit Piece (Alfred Little)
CALIChina Auto Logistics0.98%44.72%-42.86%
GFREGulf Resources2.38%42.84%-71.85%Hit Piece (Glaucus Research)
YUIIYuhe International27.46%41.37%-44.47%


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