Positive 4th Quarter for China Small Caps
posted by The Traveller on Saturday, January 01, 2011

Here is an overview of the Fourth Quarter highlights:

Main China Index (NYSE, NYSE Amex or Nasdaq)
- 917.66 (up 12.88% for the Fourth Quarter)
- 27 stocks are up, 13 are down

Top Five
  • China Biologic Products (CBPO) +65.89%
  • China Yuchai (CYD) +65.65%
  • China MediaExpress (CCME) +55.29%
  • Ambow Education Holding (AMBO) +39.75%
  • Gulf Resources (GFRE) +39.01%
Bottom Five
  • RINO International (RINO.PK) -71.04%
  • A-Power Energy (APWR) -34.22%
  • Funtalk China Holdings (FTLK) -27.23%
  • Country Style Cooking Restaurant (CCSC) -19.56%
  • China XD Plastics (CXDC) -18.60%
OTC China Index
- 915.59 (down 3.62% for the Fourth Quarter)
- 18 stocks are up, 21 are down, 1 unchanged

Top Five
  • U.S. China Mining Group (SGZH.OB) +81.19%
  • China Ceramics (CCCL) +44.99%
  • Lotus Pharmaceuticals (LTUSD.OB) +36.31%
  • Nutrastar International (NUIN.OB) +34.36%
  • Far East Energy (FEEC.OB) +29.62%
Bottom Five
  • China New Media (CMDI.OB) -58.80%
  • Sen Yu International (CSWG.OB) -48.83%
  • China Green Material (CAGM.OB) -41.67%
  • VLOV, Inc. (VLOV.OB) -41.18%
  • China Environmental Protection (CNVP.OB) -35.72%
Quarterly Revision (Fourth Quarter)

Both China indexes are revised at the beginning of each quarter. Stocks that do no longer meet the requirements are being removed. Reasons could be posting a loss in the most recent quarter, uplisting to a higher exchange or just a huge decline in share price. Following is a list of all changes for both indexes.

Trading China Main Index (NYSE, NYSE Amex or Nasdaq)

  • 3SBio Inc. (SSRX)
  • BitAuto Holdings (BITA)
  • Bona Film Group (BONA)
  • China Xiniya Fashion (XNY)
  • ChinaCache International (CCIH)
  • Cogo Group (COGO)
  • Global Education & Technology (GEDU)
  • L&L Energy (LLEN)
  • Le Gaga Holdings (GAGA)
  • Mecox Lane (MCOX)
  • Puda Coal (PUDA)
  • SinoTech Energy (CTE)
  • Xueda Education Group (XUE)
  • A-Power Energy (APWR)
  • Ambow Education Holding (AMBO)
  • Camelot Information Systems (CIS)
  • China Gerui Advanced Materials (CHOP)
  • China Information Technology (CNIT)
  • China New Borun (BORN)
  • China XD Plastics (CXDC)
  • China Yuchai (CYD)
  • eLong (LONG)
  • RINO International (RINO.PK)
  • ShengdaTech (SDTH)
  • Wonder Auto Technology (WATG)
  • Xinyuan Real Estate (XIN)
Trading China OTC Index

  • China Electronics Holdings (CEHD.OB)
  • China Shandong Industries (CSNH.OB)
  • American Jianye Greentech (AJGH.OB)
  • China Carbon Graphite (CHGI.OB)
  • One Bio Corp (ONBI.OB)
  • Deyu Agriculture (DEYU.OB)
  • China Clean Energy (CCGY.OB)
  • BEFUT International (BFTI.OB)
  • China Green Material (CAGM.OB)
  • China Ceramics (CCCL, uplisted)
  • China New Media (CMDI.OB)
  • China Environmental Protection (CNVP.OB)
  • Eastern Environment Solutions (EESC.OB)
  • NF Energy Savings (NFEC, uplisted)

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