Safety/Risk Model - PCAOB Inspection
posted by The Traveller on Sunday, February 06, 2011

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(accounts for 30% of the final score)

PCAOB Inspection (5/100)

The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) inspects all registered public accounting firms that regularly issue audit reports for companies and other issuers. In general, they are inspected at least once every three years. Inspection reports are available on the PCAOB Website with the date of the always latest inspection. You will not find reports for CPA firms based in mainland China or Hong Kong, as Chinese regulations block the PCAOB from doing inspections there. Here is a list of all Chinese audit firms that are currently registered with the PCAOB.

Mainland China: AGN China Regal, Alliott, Shanghai J&J, Anthony Kam & Associates, APEX, Baker Tilly China, BDO China Guangdong Shu Lun Pan, BDO China Li Xin Da Hua, BDO China Zhonglian Mindu Shu Lun Pan, Beijing Anshun International, Beijing Ever Trust, Beijing Huaweixin, Beijing Senheguang, Beijing Topson, Beijing Yongtuo, Beijing ZhongXingYu, Beijing ZhongXuanYu, Crowe Horwath China, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Ernst & Young Da Hua, Ernst & Young Hua Ming, Fortune, Gansu Hongxin, Grant Thornton, Grant Thornton Beijing, Guangzhou Good Faith, Guangzhou Zhongxincheng, Henny Wee & Co., Hua-Ander, JTC Fair Song, Kabani International (Consulting) , KPMG, KPMG Huazhen, LehmanBrown Lu Hua, Lvr Financial Consulting, Moores Rowland, Nanjing Shu Lun Pan Yonghua, PricewaterhouseCoopers Zhong Tian, Reanda, RSM China, Shandong Haoxin, Shanghai Linfang, Shanghai Mazars, Shanghai Perfect, Shanghai RISMO, Shanghai Zhonghua, Shenzhen Chengxin, Shenzhen Kung Ming, ShineWing, Shu Lun Pan, Vocation International, Wuhan Zhonghuan, Zhejiang Pan-China, Zhong Cai, Zhonglei

Hong Kong: AGCA, Albert Wong & Co., Anderson Li & Ho, Andrew Ma DFK, Aoba, Arthur Li, Yau & Lee, Baker Tilly Hong Kong, BDO Limited, CCIF, Chan And Chan, Clement C.W. Chan & Co., Cosmos, Crowe Horwath (HK), CWCC Co., Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Dominic K. F. Chan & Co., East Asia Sentinel, Ecovis David Yeung, Edward Lau & Co., Ernst & Young, Gary Cheng & Co., Grant Thornton, HLB Hodgson Impey Cheng, Ho And Ho & Co., Ho, Sneddon, Chow, Hong Kong Great Wall, Hopkins, Horace Ho & co., James Ngai & Partners, K.P. Cheng & Co., KL, KLC Kennic Lui & Co., Lau & Au Yeung, Lee, Au & Co., Lo And Kwong, Louis Lai & Luk, Mazars, Moore Stephens, Morison Heng, Morrison, NHL, Parker Randall CF H.K., PKF, PricewaterhouseCoopers, RIW, RSM Nelson Wheeler, ShineWing (HK), Tai Kong, Tom Chan & Co., UHY Vocation HK, Wong Brothers & Co., Wong Lam Leung & Kwok, World Link, Y. H. Lai & Co., Yeung, Chan & Associates, Zhong Yi (Hong Kong), ZYCPA

  • 5/5 - PCAOB Inspected
  • 0/5 - PCAOB Inspected (Quality Control Criticisms NOT addressed)
  • 0/5 - Not PCAOB Inspected

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